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Billable expenses not showing under job information

When I receive an invoice for billable material I go to Vendors and enter the bill. When I enter the bill I mark it as billable, but when I go to the customer and look at the job information I do not see the billable charges listed.

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Billable expenses not showing under job information

Did you make a Sales Transaction for that customer, yet? What you describe as "job information" simply is the Name and other list info. On the right, you see their Transactions. Did you Charge them? What you did is mark the Status as Billable, such as a job that will be charged as Time & Materials. The purchases are Not Billable, if you have a Fixed Fee or Bid contract, of course.


You enter Costs as directly for a job = tracking it. This is on the details of the Check or Credit Card entry or a Bill to pay later. If that is Billable to the customer, your Item needs to be a two sided item. You list this on the Items tab as Billable.


When you run the Unbilled Costs by Job report, or you look at the Income Tracker tool for Unbilled Time & Costs, there are the Services, Noninventory, Other charge items waiting for you to select them.


You use Sales Receipt, if the customer is also already paying for that date. Otherwise, you use invoice. This is the Dated sale. You use the Icon at the top to Add Time & Costs, to select everything you want to Charge them, now, include tasks from Timesheets and these costs incurred from the Items Tab.


And now you see this in the Customer Center, because you just made a customer transaction.


And you can run Estimate vs Actual reporting, if you put the same two sided items on an Estimate to track and manage the scope. And Job Profitability Detail and Item Profit reporting can be used.


Please see my attachment.

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