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Billable Expenses

Billable Items, Is there a way to see all open billable items? I enter all my timecards for employees and then I go back under each job and do billing from billable time or expenses. I just don't want to forget a job or anything that is still open. Is there a way to see all open billable items or expenses?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Billable Expenses

Hello there, @bobTDD.


The Unbilled Cost by Job report shows the costs you assigned to a specific customer or job but have not yet billed as reimbursable expenses. Let's customize your Unbilled Cost by Job to view your open billable items or expenses.


Here's how:

  1. Click the Reports menu.
  2. Choose the Jobs, Time and Mileage tab.
  3. Select the Unbilled Cost by Job report.
  4. Go to the Customize Report button.
  5. Choose the Filters tab.
  6. Select the Billing Status in the Filter Selection box.
  7. Choose Not billable or Unbilled.

For more insights, you may check these articles:

You can always leave a post below if you have other questions. I'm just a few clicks away.

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Re: Billable Expenses

So this is great for an expense associated with a job, but what about billable time to a job? Ideally what I would like to be able to do is enter all my time cards and then be able to bill on Monday for previous week and make sure that I don't miss any time/jobs.

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Re: Billable Expenses

@juVielL  forgot to tag you! See above. Thanks


Re: Billable Expenses

Welcome back to the Community, bobTDD.


Income Tracker makes it easy to find and work with your unbilled time and expenses. It lets you see all open billable items, so you won't miss any.


Allow me to show you how to use it:

  1. Go to Customers at the top menu bar.
  2. Choose Income Tracker.image.png
  3. Under Type, select Time & Expenses.
  4. Start performing an action on a particular transaction, click the Action column and hit the appropriate selection.


For more details, you can go to the Help menu, select QuickBooks Help and search Income Tracker.


Here's an article for additional information: Tracking job costs in QuickBooks Desktop.


That should help you bill all the time cards.


Let me know the results after trying the steps above. I want to make sure everything's all set on your end. Have a good one! 

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