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I received an email last month on 3/1/19 that said on 4/2/19 I would be charged $299.95 for my QuickBooks Plus Annual Subscription. On 4/2/19 I was charged $737.77,  $441.49 for payroll services,  $294.28 for QuickBooks Plus Annual, and  $2.00 for a monthly payroll charge.  I am confused as to why the total is so high and what about the $299.95 that I was told I was going to be charged. Last year when I agreed to pay for this, the bill was $505.21. Has your services gone up $232.56 in a year?  I understand inflation but a 46% jump in one year seems a little excessive.  I called billing and asked them for an explanation, I talked to 2 different people that I had a very hard time understanding them, and I still didn't get an answer to my question for why this bill is so high and what is the email talking about for a bill of $299.95?  Any help would be nice, thanks.


Joshua Whiteside



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Thanks for reaching out in the Community, @rutmaker10. I can help provide clarification about the pricing guide for QuickBooks Desktop.


Your billing charges will depend on the QuickBooks products you're using. The $294.28 charge seems to be the annual price for QuickBooks Pro Plus and the $294.28 is for your Enhanced Annual payroll subscription. On top of your payroll subscription, you'll also have to pay for the $2 usage fee, depending on the number of employees you have.



I'd like to explain the breakdown of your charges, however, I won't be able to pull up your account in a public forum. You'll need to contact our QuickBooks Specialist again to give you a detailed explanation of these charges.


Let me refer you the following articles below for the pricing guide chart.


QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier Pricing


QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Price Increase FY19


For the email you received, I'm assuming it is for your QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier pricing. Our QuickBooks Pro Plus annual subscription is now $299.95 effective April 1, 2019.


Please let me know if you have other questions about your subscriptions. I'll be here to help provide some information.

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