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Building cases in QB Enterprise inventory correctly

My client is using Quickbooks enterprise for the desktop. She builds inventory, however, when she builds and sells cases they are showing up in cost of goods sold. Actually they show up as .00. She is building them with an assembly type and an inv part.  Accounts used are revenue, cost of goods sold and inventory.  I can't figure this out. Thanks.

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Re: Building cases in QB Enterprise inventory correctly

hard to say what the problem is - but in Enterprise cases of items could be handled under 'units of measure' rather than 'assembly'. with UoM the there is only one item defined (with multiple count methods).

When using 'assembly' the orignal items are extinguished and replaced by a new assembly item. The assembly step simply adds up the costs - so its unlikely to go wrong.  The problem is likely in the item(s) that are part of the assembly - they are probably carring zero cost. Maybe the wrong item is being used a the input to the assembly.