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Bundled products

We are a manufacturing company that sells single line product as well as repair parts. Our new single line item products can be purchase to create a complete working unit or our customers can buy different levels of discounted bundles i.e..  Most popular bundle. If we sell a most popular bundle I need to list all the single items that go in the most poplar bundle on the invoice as a reportable line item with no retail pricing listed. The only price I want to show is for the Bundle itself.

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Bundled products

Hello there, dodom.


The option to show only the price for bundle when creating invoice isn't currently offered QuickBooks Desktop. We'd love to hear your feedback. Sending your feedback is a big help for our engineers to determine the features you want to be added to our product.


You can send comments and suggestions by following the steps below:

  1. Click Help at the top menu.
  2. Click Send Feedback Online.
  3. Choose Product Suggestion.
  4. Enter your feature request.
  5. Click Send Feedback.

If you want to check for the latest features available in QuickBooks Desktop, you may follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Click New Features.
  3. Click What's New.

Let me know if you have any other concerns about QuickBooks bundles. I'm always around to help.

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Bundled products



Please Learn from the input here.




The functions you have are Group Item and Assembly Item.


Assembly Item is a Finished Good you create out of the components, to have on hand ready to sell. A Group Item is more like what you called Bundle = Kit or "this stuff sells together." You set up your Commonly Sold Group items. You also can change the contents of a Group on the fly when you list it in the Sales Order, Estimate, Invoice or Sales Receipt. You also can add an item that is the Price Adjustment item. Example:

PreHung door is 3 hinges and 1 frame and 1 door. You preassemble these to have on hand = Assembly Item. Now you Build = put some on hand.


Or, you want to offer that as a Bundle and a Sale Price, reduced for the labor you didn't need to use to put it assembled and on hand ready to sell. The Group is:


3 Hinges rate $XX

1 Frame $xx

1 Door rate $xx


Other Charge item for reduction of labor negative $xx


Now that Group Item has the Selling Price you set.


Group Item Edit includes the option Do Not Print Items in the Group. The customer sees the One Line: Group item name and Price.


You cannot be using Pro for Assemblies, but all Desktop programs have Group Item.

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