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calculating sales rep commissions in Desktop Pro 2019


Currently each month in Desktop Pro 2019 I print a memorized report (sales by rep detail w/po#).  I then convert this to an excel sheet and make tabs for each individual rep and calculate their commission on there.

My manager is looking for Quickbooks to be able to calculate sales rep commissions and then I am just able to print the report.     Can Desktop Pro 2019 do this?   Do you know of any way possible of Quickbooks calculating the commission for sales reps?  Thanks,

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QuickBooks Team

Re: calculating sales rep commissions in Desktop Pro 2019

Hello there, @PASurge.


I thank you for sharing the steps you've perform to generate the report that you need. Currently, the ability to automatically calculate the sales rep commission is not yet available. 


What you can do is to create a class within QuickBooks, then a subclass for every sales rep, manually calculate commissions for every item based on each person, and finally create a commission report. 


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