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Can I have more than one contact for each company?

I do business with some large corporation and they have multiple people that I need to have listed as contacts. Can I have more than one contact for each company?
QuickBooks Team

Can I have more than one contact for each company?

Hi there, signmantodd. 


QuickBooks Online allows you to specify access rights to multiple people. You can manage and customize roles in QuickBooks. However, this is only available in QuickBooks Advanced. 


I'd love to walk you through the steps to get selected access right. Before diving in, Let me share what are the roles you can assign to a user: 


  • Banking
  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Reports
  • Workers
  • Lists
  • Account Management  





To learn more about these roles, check this article for reference: Add and manage custom roles in QuickBooks Online Advanced.  


Lastly, here's an articles you can read for ideas in case you needed to transfer the role of a master admin:  

Stay in touch with us if you need further assistance. We're always around to assist you anytime. Have a great day!

Level 1

Can I have more than one contact for each company?

Re: Can I have more than one contact for each company that I sell to? Some of my CUSTOMERS are very large and I have more than one contact in different departments and some in the same department.


Can I have more than one contact for each company?

Thanks for coming back here, @signmantodd,


Yes, you can definitely create multiple customer names in QuickBooks to track sales. The system will allow you to enter them as a completely separate name or as a sub-customer of an existing profile.


However, you will need to set a name that is not identical to an existing contact. QuickBooks will not accept duplicate descriptions, so you'll want to alter the name or use other identification.


For the steps, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Sales menu then choose the Customers tab
  2. Select New Customer.
  3. To make a sub-customer, just click the Is sub-customer checkbox. Otherwise, leave it blank if it's a regular customer.
  4. If you choose a sub-customer pick an existing customer as Parent. Disregard this step for regular customer profile.
  5. Hit Save.

I'll be adding some articles below to guide you further with the steps:

For other concerns about customers or anything else, please let me know by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be right here to help you further. Have a nice day!

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