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Can't backup files: can't create disk image


I am currently running QB 2019 for Mac v 18.0.6 R7.1.  I have 6 company files and each generates "Quickbooks was unable to backup your company file.  QB could not create a disk image." when I close any of them.   In searching the community, I found  similar posts dating back to May 2018.  I followed those solutions to no avail.  All but one company file verified as OK when run through QB utilities. While rebuilding that company file, I received the message: "An error occurred while making your changes.  Try making changes again...."  A second attempt resulted in the same message, both during "Rebuilding Data - Verifying Budgets."   I do not know if the two issues are related.

I changed my backups' destination to a new folder on my hard drive which did not help the backup issue.  My files backup just fine when I drag them to a thumb drive.  My OS is High Sierra 10.13.6. Finally, when I upgraded to QB 2019, QB 2012 seems to have remained on my HD but has a slash through the logo. Should I get rid of that?

Thanks for any and all help! 

QuickBooks Team

Can't backup files: can't create disk image

Let me help you sort this out, @Darkchalk.


QuickBooks uses Mac's built-in disk utility to create a DMG (image) file when backing up company files. You'll usually received this error when the backup location is no longer accessible. Let's run the verify utility tool to isolate this error, then run rebuild to resolve it.  


1. Verify the integrity of the company file

    a. Click File.

    b. Choose Utilities.

    c. Select Verify Data.

    d. If a problem is detected:

         i. Go to File.

         ii. Select Utilities. 

         iii. Choose Rebuild Data.

         iv. Run the Verify Data from step 1 one more time.

         v. If it still fails, restore a backup or contact technical support.

2. Safe Boot

    a. Reboot your computer.

    b. Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard until you see your Desktop.

    c. Open QuickBooks and perform the same task you were trying to complete before the Crash Catcher appeared.

c. Add New Mac OS user

    a. Open System Preferences.

    b. Choose the Users & Groups icon.

    c. Select the + button to add a new user with Administrator permissions.

    d. Log in with this new user.

    e. Open QuickBooks, then try to reproduce the issue.


Stay in touch with me if you have other questions. I'm always here to help.

Level 2

Can't backup files: can't create disk image

Hello IamjuViel:

Thank you for your help. Here's an update:

1.  Verify and Rebuild.  Had done that before posting with one out of six files unable to rebuild.

2. Safe Boot: Did as instructed.  Still get "Can't back up files....can't create disk image" when closing any of the six files.  While in safe boot I opened the non-rebuildable file.  I verified the file and it verified as ok.  Then I did a rebuild and the rebuild was successful.  Then verified again and the file was fine.  Did a normal reboot to double check the file and it verified as ok. That problem seems to be solved.

3. Add New OS User.  Created a new user with admin. permissions.  Logged in with same however it appears that while new user has access to QB application it does not have access to any existing files to test for problem.  I used a thumb drive with backup files while logged in with new user.  "Can't back up" problem still persists.

Any other ideas?


QuickBooks Team

Can't backup files: can't create disk image

Hi there, Darkchalk.


I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Support since you get the same result. They can help investigate why you're still unable to back up your company file.


Here's how:


  1. Press F1 to open the Help window.
  2. Click Contact us at the bottom part.
  3. Give a brief description of your issue like, create a back up file and click Continue.
  4. Choose from Message an Agent or Talk to a Specialist.


For additional information on how to contact with our Support, you can refer to this article: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.


Please check this article to see quick rundown of what's new, and what's changed, in the latest QuickBooks for Mac: What's new in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019.

Please let me know if you have other questions related with QuickBooks. I'm always here to help you.

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