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Can't import an IIF file

Hi there, 


I recently set up Quickbooks for Mac 2019 and transferred our company books over to it, which includes a Paypal account. 


We created a Papal .IIF file to import into QB. However, the process didn't work at all, after I followed the following steps:


From within QB:

1. File > Import > From IIF Files

2. A popup appears saying "Before importing the data file a backup must be made" (with an OK button). I click OK.

3. Another popup appears saying Quickbooks is backing up the company file.

4. Another popup appears showing my computer file structure and appears to give me an option to select a file on my computer. But everything is greyed out. There's nothing more to do here, so I click cancel. 


Any suggestions you have as to how I can move forward to complete this process would be appreciated!


Thank so much, 






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Re: Can't import an IIF file

This is now solved, thank you!!