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Can't open company file

First, let me say that I have zero experience working with QuickBooks.  However, I have worked in the IT field for over a decade, esp. service/help desk.  A friend of mine has a small business that uses QuickBooks.  The best I can explain it is:


The secretary's computer is the 'server' for QuickBooks.  If the owner attempts to access QuickBooks from his computer he gets an error message saying:


"QuickBooks cannot find your company file.  Choose the 'Open or Restore Company...'File' menu to locate your company file.


Error code: company file not found."


The location of the file is the computer used by the secretary.  It is located under \Users\Public


I'd appreciate ANY help or advice that can be provided.  I am greatly concerned about inadvertently erasing data.  Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Can't open company file

I have a few steps that we can try to resolve this, @sinjin.


Here are some possible reasons why the company file is missing or cannot be found:

  • The computer is disconnected from the path where the QuickBooks file is located.
  • QuickBooks file has been deleted from the computer.


Before doing so, please make sure to update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release. Then, let's identify the name of your computer server by following these steps:


  1. Press the Windows logo + R on your keyboard.
  2. Enter CMD then, select OK.
  3. Enter ipconfig /all then, press Enter.
  4. Take note of the Host Name (servername).
  5. Type ping [name of your server] then, press Enter


If you see a reply for each packet, this means your computer is connected to your network. If it's a packet loss or a slow reply, I'd recommend consulting your IT professional to diagnose your network.


To view the other solutions, you can check this article: The company file is missing or cannot be found.


Let me know how it goes and I'll get back to help you some more. Thanks.

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