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Can you help me with subscription issue

Established Community Backer ***

Re: Can you help me with subscription issue

Nope, we are your peer users and nobody here has access to your account. If you can log in to your account you can put in a request to be called

QuickBooks Team

Re: Can you help me with subscription issue

Welcome, @natashaw.


It's nice to have you here in the Community. I'm here to help make sure that your subscription issue will be taken care of.


As much as I would love to fix this for you, the Community is a public forum and we're unable to securely pull up your account and verify your QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription.


That being said, I highly suggest contacting our Phone Support team. They have tools that can pull up your account in a secure environment. The best way to reach them is to sign in to your QBO account, select the Help icon on the top right, and then Contact Us at the bottom of the panel.



That should point you in the right direction. Please let me know how it goes after contacting them in the comment section below. I'm always here if you have any follow-up questions. Cheers!