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Cannot Delete Transfer Funds because "it has beeen sent to the server"

I Transferred monies between back accounts. (Using Banking -> Transfer Funds) I messed up and put the decimal place in the wrong place, so instead of transferring $763.08 I transferred $76,308.00.  I select 'Online Funds Transfers'.  I then go to Bank feeds and click on the 'Send/Receive' button.  This sends the Transfer request to my bank.  But my bank won't let me transfer more that I have in the account and this causes an error and failure to 'Send/Receive"


My problem.  I can't change or delete the transfer in qb.  I get this error "You cannot delete this item because it has been sent to the server but no yet confirmed.  Please click Send/Receive Transactions again to resolve this issue." (see attached screen shots)



How do I correct the amount of the transfer or delete it?



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