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cannot open Pro

cannot open program


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Re: cannot open Pro

hi @BHU Consulting ,

Please elaborate your problem with error code (if any).


Re: cannot open Pro

There are a few reasons why QuickBooks won't load or open, BHU Consulting. It's possible that:

  • there are already QuickBooks processses running in the background.
  • a QuickBooks component is damaged.
  • there are QuickBooks processes stuck in your system resources.

We can download and run QBRefresher Tool. It will help us end QuickBooks processes and perform mini-repairs. After that, you can try opening QuickBooks again.


If you need more troubleshooting steps to get your QuickBooks working, you can follow Solutions 2-6 in this article: QuickBooks Desktop Doesn't Start or Won't Open.


I'd appreciate it a lot if you can provide additional details about this such as error messages/codes. Thanks in advance!

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