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Cannot preview uploaded receipts from scanner

I'm just beginning to use the receipt upload/capture feature in QB Online to help better manage my company's expenses.  When I use the receipt capture in my QB Android app, there's no issue, as when I go to my Mac to process the receipt captured, I'm able to look at a preview of my receipt to help me itemize easily.

However, when I scan receipts through my ScanSnap scanner (.pdf format) and upload them via my computer, I am unable to see a preview of any of these receipts.  The only way I could actually see them in QB Online is if I download that uploaded receipt, which defeats the purpose of uploading them in the first place, in my opinion. 

Is there something I can do to make QB Online display a preview of receipts that I upload via my computer without having to download them?


Thanks in advance!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Cannot preview uploaded receipts from scanner

Glad to have you here in the Community, @JonInspire2018


I appreciate you providing on-point details about previewing the uploaded receipts using your QB Android and Mac apps. 


Currently, the option to preview the uploaded receipts from your ScanSnap scanner is unavailable. For now, the recommended way to preview uploaded receipts is by downloading them in QuickBooks.


I'll take note of this, and I want you to know that we're listening to your insights. I recommend visiting our recent product updates through this article: What's New in QBO


In case you're experiencing download issues, you can update the Adobe Reader to help improve your scanned receipts display. Here's how: 

  1. Launch Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
  2. Select Help.
  3. Choose Check for Updates.
  4. Follow the steps in the Updater window to download and install the latest updates

For more information in using the QBO mobile and desktop apps, here are great articles you can refer to:

If you have other concerns, please let me know. I'll be around to lend you a hand, @JonInspire2018. Have a good one. 

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Re: Cannot preview uploaded receipts from scanner

Thanks for your response.  I really hope it is considered to allow for a preview view for .pdf files in the receipt capture feature.  My employees make hundreds of purchases each month and I don't want to give them access to the QB phone app.  

This receipt capture has some potential, but if receipts uploaded via computer could have the preview feature as well it would be a great feature that I would use consistently.


One other thing I noticed is the ability to email receipts to "[email address removed]" nearly always gets kicked back citing QB believes the email is spam.  Is there a way to force these forwarded emails to go through and be accepted?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Cannot preview uploaded receipts from scanner

Hey @JonInspire2018,


You'll need to add your email addresses in your list to send and receive emails successfully. Let me provide more details about this.


Right now, our engineers are constantly working on adding features to QuickBooks. I'll also let them know of the importance of previewing your receipts.


Also, you'll need to add the email address in your list to make sure that they go through your recipient. This way, it also won't be recognized as a spam email.


You can read this article for more information: Make Sure You Receive Important Email Messages From Intuit.


You can always let me know if you have any other concerns. I'd be happy to help.

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