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Card Reader Issue

We are using QuickBooks Desktop POS 18.0.  We are running into a problem with our credit card reader.  If the customer puts their credit card in the card reader before the system is ready the transaction cannot be completed and our computer freezes.  We have to reboot the system and the credit card transaction is reversed.  It is getting very annoying.  Has anyone has this issue?





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Card Reader Issue

I've checked my resources, and there aren't any reported similar issues about your concern, @Rob721. But I'm here to provide the steps to get your credit card reader up and working again. 


Here are the possible reasons you're unable to complete the transaction when the customer puts their credit card using the reader: 

  • The card reader is incompatible with QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) POS 18.0. 
  • You're using an older version of the card reader. 
  • Incorrect installation of the reader on the computer where the software is installed. 


First, let's make sure the card reader is compatible with the software. Just go to this website: Compatible Devices. Then, locate the Card readers section to view the list. 


Second, let's ensure you have the latest version of card reader. Just go to its settings to review it. Then, update it if necessary. 


Third, the card reader must be connected to the computer properly with the software installed. Let's unplug and replug the device directly to the computer. This way, the credit card is set into the reader appropriately while processing the transaction.


However, if the issue persists, I'd suggest contacting our POS Customer Care Team. They have the necessary tools to check on your card reader and determine the root cause of this issue. They can also provide further steps to resolve this. Please check out our support hours before getting in touch with them. Here's how: 

  1. Go to this link: Contact Payments Support
  2. Locate the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale section. 
  3. Click Chat with us or get the phone number to call them. 


Once fixed, you'll be able to process the payment from your customer using the card reader. 


I recommend visiting this website: QBDT POS Resource Hub. It provides you articles about installing your software and hardware drivers, managing your data, processing payments, and using financial exchange in the software. 


I'll be right here to help if you need further assistance. Take care always, @Rob721.


Best regards, 


Raymond Jay

Level 2

Card Reader Issue

It appears the problem only occurs when certain credit cards are put into the card reader.  Not sure if problem with card reader or system.  We are running QuickBooks Desktop POS V18 R14 with a card reader Ingenico IPP350.  We went through the 3 steps and everything is setup correctly.




Card Reader Issue

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @Rob721.


Let me chime in for a moment and help figure out what's causing the problem in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.


If you haven't tried updating QuickBooks Point of Sales manually, we can give it a try. It usually fixes any possible issues going on with the program and ensure devices will run properly.


Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your point of sale system as an admin.
  2. Go to the Help menu and hover over Software Update. Then select Check for updates. If QuickBooks finds an update, you'll see it as an option.
  3. When you're ready, select Update now and then OK.

If the problem persists, it would be best to proceed with contacting our POS Customer Care Team. One of them will need to take over and provide further assistance with the problem.


You can follow the detailed steps provided by my peer above. Also, I've compiled some articles I find helpful about using QuickBooks Point of Sale:


Drop me a comment below if you have any other questions. I'll be more than happy to help. Wishing you a good one.

Level 1

Card Reader Issue

Many issues with the new pin pad 5000

sent to us by intuit

freezes and reverses sales

jyst lost another $150!!! On a gas sale-customer already left cause it said processed the stalked and reversed the sale! How do we get credit back

we updated to 19.0 several weeks ago and nothing but issues!!!

Level 1

Card Reader Issue

We have updated and new pin pad was sent to us when we purchased from intuit

software was loaded properly and pin pad installed last week

agsin this was all provided to us by intuit w new 5000 series pin pad that was supposed to be used for new software



Card Reader Issue

Thank you for letting us know about your experience, @Jh53.


Let's resolve the error you're having with the new pin pad 5000.


There's an ongoing issue with QuickBooks Point of Sale and the 5000 PIN Pad. Our Product Support team is already aware of this and is now working on a fix. 


I suggest contacting our Phone Support Team, so you'll be added to the list of affected users and receive an email notification once we resolve the issue.


You can reach our QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale by going to this article: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support and clicking the Chat with us link. They're available Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PST). 


Here are some articles about  5000 PIN Pad for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0:


If you have any additional questions or require further clarification about your account, let me know by leaving a comment below. Have a great rest of the day. 

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