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Category when searching

How can I get the category to list when I am searching?

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Category when searching

Hello, darrstax.


I'll barge in and give you some details about listing the categories when searching. 


Are you referring to your product categories? We're unable to list them when using the Search function in QuickBooks. The function only lists customers, vendors, transactions, reports, or accounts.


You'll want to go to the Lists page to see your product categories instead. Go to the Gear icon, select All list, then select Product categories.


However, if you're looking to list your accounts when searching, make sure to use keywords such as "bank", "receivable" or "loan." The accounts may not show up if the keywords use do not correspond with their names. 


Alternatively, you can always visit the Chart of Accounts page to look for the account you're searching for. Simply go to the Accounts menu, then select the Chart of Accounts tab. 


If you'd like to learn more about the Search feature, feel free to read this article: How to search for transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Do you use the Online Banking feature and need any help categorizing your transactions? This article will guide you with the process: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


If you need help looking for a specific data in QuickBooks, please let me know the details. Do you also need help with your accounts, reports and other things? Add the details to your reply and I'd be glad to lend a hand again. 

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Category when searching

Thank you for your response.

An example is the client I am working on now.  They did not enter payee in the expenses or checks they entered into the bank account. A lot of their transactions are not categorized to the correct category; sometime multiple wrong categories. I am searching the memo by key words. When I get the search results, I do not have a column for category.  I have to go into each transaction to discover which category it was applied to.

Another example is when I search by amount, there is not a column for category.




Category when searching

Let me help you figure this out, darrstax.


To confirm, is it the category column from your Expense transactions page that doesn't show up? If so, ensure that the Category column is mark-checked to have it added to the expenses page. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Expenses tab and select Expenses.
  2. Click on the small Gear icon. 
  3. Click Show More.
  4. Put a checkmark on the Category box.

I've added a screenshot for your visual reference:


The steps will surely help you add the category column in no time!


Let me know if your referring to something else. I'll be right here to assist you more.

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