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Change amount of memorized transaction

Is there a way to change an amount on a memorized transaction.  I know when you in Quickbooks for Windows when you change the amount or date and hit memorized transaction (on a transaction that is already memorized) it will ask to "add" or "Replace", that does not happen in Quickbooks for Mac.  Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction

Welcome aboard to the Intuit Community, LDV_NC_TX.


Yes, there’s a way to change the amount on a memorized transaction. The process is similar to the Windows version.


To accomplish this, open the report and then make the appropriate changes. Once done, you’ll see the following option: Replace, New, and Cancel.

Since you’re unable to see the Replace option, let’s download the latest release. This process will improve the program’s functionality and fix known issues with the software.


Here’s how:


  1. Go to the QuickBooks Desktop menu and select Check for QuickBooks Updates.
  2. If a newer release is available, click Install Update.
  3. When prompted, choose Install and Relaunch

Once completed, the desktop program will automatically open. Next, open the report again and then update it. 

For more details about the Memorized feature, click here and proceed directly to page 209. Additionally, I'm adding a link to some of our video tutorials: QuickBooks Desktop Mac.

Reach out to me anytime if you have any other concerns. Please know I’m always ready to assist further. Have a good one.


Community Explorer **

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction


Thank you for your response, I did check for updates and it tell me that my Quickbooks is up to date, I have attached a screenshot photo.
Like I said, I use Quickbooks for Windows at work and I assumed it would let me replace the memorized transaction on the Mac version but I must be missing something.
Thank you!Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 12.09.08 PM.png
QuickBooks Team

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction

Thanks for the update, @LDV_NC_TX.


I'd be glad to help and walk you through editing the amount on the memorized transaction.


To save the changes, you need to replace the transaction. Here's how:

  1. Choose Lists.
  2. Select Memorized Transactions
  3. Double-click the transaction.
  4. Change the amount.
  5. Click Memorize.
  6. On the pop-up message, select Replace.

If you need to delete it, hit Command + D on your keyboard. 


You can also visit this site for other related topics about QuickBooks for Mac. It includes guides and latest news about the software:


Should you need anything else with your transaction, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or start a new conversation. The Intuit Community is here to help.

Community Explorer **

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction

I do all of that but the pop up window is does not have the “replace” or “add new” it pops up like it’s not already memorized so it comes up on a new memorized transaction. I know how to do it, the window should pop up with the “replace” or “add new memorized” but it doesn’t. 


Community Explorer **

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction

Thank you for your reply.


I know how to edit a memorized transaction, the issue it that once I changed the said memorized transaction and hit “memorize” the window that pops up is not the one with the option that says “replace” “add new” or “cancel” it’s the window that wants to set up a new memorized transaction it’s like the transaction isn’t already memorized.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction

Thanks for your swift response, @LDV_NC_TX. That's not we want you to experience.


Ideally, the steps provided by my colleague, @MaryLandT should help you update the amount on your memorized transactions. If it won't let you replace it, possibly that the memorized transaction templates were damaged.


Let's run the Verify and Rebuild Utility tool to check if this is a data-related issue.  Here's how: 


Step 1: Run the Verify Data utility 


  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Click Utilities
  3. Select Verify Data
  4. If there are issues found, you’ll be prompted to Rebuild Now

Step 2: Run the Rebuild utility


  1. Go to the File menu. 
  2. Click Utilities
  3. Select Rebuild Data
  4. Click Ok once Rebuild has completed.


Once done, you can open QuickBooks again and check if you can successfully replace and save memorize reports.  


You can also refer to this help article: Resolve Data Damage on your Company File. This contains additional troubleshooting steps in fixing data related issue. 


Don't hesitate to post again if you have more questions. We're always glad to assist. 

Community Explorer **

Re: Change amount of memorized transaction

Thanks for all the responses, but it told me there were no issues found to rebuild.  


Any other thoughts.


Thanks so much for all of the help and responses!

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