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Change Employee Payroll from Check to Direct Deposit

Good Morning! I am in need of assistance with Quickbooks Payroll Service :)  We cut hard checks for bonuses for 2 employees last week - and when processing payroll this week, I completely forgot to change them back to direct deposit! When I went to send payroll to Intuit, I noticed this. I haven't sent payroll yet - but it's sitting in Recent Payroll and the status is "To Send." 


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

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Re: Change Employee Payroll from Check to Direct Deposit

Hello, OfficeMgr3336.


There’s a possibility that the employees' paychecks are already set to Direct Deposit. It’s because after creating a regular paycheck, future payments will default back to direct deposit.

To confirm, open the detail of the involved paychecks and see if the Use Direct Deposit was checked. 

Once confirmed, you can proceed on sending these payroll to Intuit. 

  1. Go to Employees. 
  2. Select Send Payroll Data. 
  3. Review and double-the paychecks. 
  4. Select Send All. 

If the paychecks are not showing in the Send/Receive Payroll Data, they might been created as regular checks. You can easily delete and recreate them as Direct Deposit as long as they're not yet issued. 

Stay around if you have additional questions. 

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