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Changing a credit to a bill

In QB desktop you can easily change a bill to a credit and vice versa.  We cannot find how to change a credit to a bill in QB online.  Has this feature been removed???


I had QB set to follow the prior transaction and I set up about 40 bills as credits.  Do I need to delete them all and re-enter as bills??

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QuickBooks Team

Changing a credit to a bill

 You can delete the credits and re-enter as bills, @kendaley.


 I'd be glad to help perform the process:

  1. Go to the Sales menu on the left panel and select All Sales.
  2. Click the Filter drop-down and select Credit memos under Type.
  3. Choose the correct period from the Date drop-down.
  4. Press the Apply button to view the changes.
  5. Click on the entry to open transaction details.
  6. On the Credit memo page, scroll down to the bottom and tap the More menu to choose Delete.
  7. Click Yes to confirm the action.

Then, you can now create the bills. Please check this article for the details: Enter and pay bills.


You'll want to pay your bills directly, and hassle-free. You can use the Online bill pay. To learn more about it's benefits and how it works, feel free to check this article: What is Online Bill Pay?


As always, don't hesitate to tag my name if you still need my help. Stay safe!

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