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Changing Part Numbers for Inventory


I currently order and inventory items in a "kit". There are 3 parts that make up the kit. So if I ever need to take one out, such as the customer didn't order it, I manually put it in inventory.

I want to change this and inventory these three parts individually.


How do I properly change the current inventory (one part # for the kit) over to the new way to inventory (three individual part #s)?

Do I just adjust inventory and put the quantity that I have on hand into the new part numbers? And make the kit part # to zero?


Thank you for your insight!


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Re: Changing Part Numbers for Inventory

Thankfully you are using desktop that makes it so much easier

create the three new part numbers in inventory, zero on hand, zero value


bring up inventory adjust, set the adjustment type to qty & value, set the adjusting account to a clearing expense account

select all four inventory items, the kit and the 3 new ones to display


set the NEW qty on hand to zero for the kit item, AND set the new total value block to zero

note the value at the bottom right of the adjustment screen - that is the total value you have to work with.


portion that value out across the three new parts, when you have that figured out, for each new item

enter the total value in the new total value block
enter the qty on hand in the new total qty block

per new item


when you have done all three, look at the value at the lower right, it must be zero, if it is not go back and adjust the new total values for the new items until it is.


make the kit item inactive