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Chargeback notice

I logged into my QB account yesterday and saw that a customer did a chargeback. I looked though all the articles and I understand what a chargeback is and how to proceed but where do I find a copy of the customer's chargeback notice? I've looked everywhere I can think of. Will it be coming as a letter in the mail? I can't reply to the chargeback until I find the chargeback notice. I'd appreciate it if someone can help me understand what to do. Thanks!

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Chargeback notice

Good day, mblair13.


Let me share some information and help you get a copy of the chargeback notice.


You'll receive a copy of the customer's chargeback or notifications by mail, fax, or email based on your preferences in Merchant Services.


Here's how you can manage a chargeback:

  1. Sign in to Merchant account.
  2. Go to Activity & Reports and choose Chargeback.
  3. To view details on a specific case, click on the case number. 


  4. Then, view and respond to chargeback and retrieval notices.

You can also check out these articles for further reference:

From there, you should be able to get a copy of the chargeback notice and manage it.


Let me know if you have further questions. I'm here to answer them. Have a wonderful day.

Level 1

Chargeback notice

I found where i need to be but there is no case opened and no chargeback showing up in here. ?

QuickBooks Team

Chargeback notice

Thanks for the prompt response, @mblair13.


All chargeback notices are listed under the Chargeback tab. Since you've already followed the steps provided by my colleague and there isn't an opened case showing, I recommend reaching out to our Merchant Services department.


They will ask for your company details to pull up your account and verify the chargeback request of your customer. They can also help you more with tracking and managing chargebacks from the Merchant Service center.


To get their contact details, you can refer to this link: QuickBooks Payments.


That should point you to the right direction, mblair13. Let me know how it goes or if you have additional questions about chargeback. Just add a comment below. I'm always here to help you further.

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