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chip card reader for quickbooks online

Hi, This seems like a simple question but we can't seem to find an answer.  We're a smaller printing company that writes our invoices in quickbooks.  Most people pay online but we sometimes need to physically run a card.  We'd like to purchase a card reader but can't find information anywhere on compatibility.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  We do not want to use go payment as we need the ability to look up the invoice when taking payment (gopayment requires you to manually key in an amount and then later tie it to an invoice).    This seems so simple but is ridiculously frustrating.   We're looking at this one

Bonus points if anyone knows a good way to set up permissions so that one of our employees can login to quickbooks and only see invoices (so they can take payments) but not be able to edit anything else.


Re: chip card reader for quickbooks online

Hi hybriddesignhi,


You can look for a third-party application that can integrate with QuickBooks. From there, look for a payment app that lets you swipe a credit card.


Here's how to find an app:

  1. Click Apps in the left panel.
  2. Search for an app.


You can also access our QuickBooks App store via link. In the categories section on the left side, you're free to search for an app that can help you with this.


Post again if you need more help with QuickBooks payment. I'm here to help.

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Re: chip card reader for quickbooks online

Look Here:


Payment readers are typically NOT cross processor compatible. Each credit card processor uses their own encryption and gateway. Intuit is no different.

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