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Chose purchase order template when printing or emailing


I am new to QB and the previous application I used allowed for the user to select the form template (for purchase orders, invoices, etc) at the time of batch printing or emailing.  Is that possible on QB?  Not that I have been able to identify.  


Most of the products we sell are assembly items and I issue purchase orders for each component and vendor that is included in the production process.  In most cases, vendor B needs to know what I have ordered from Vendor A. I do not want vendor B to know the exclusive pricing I have with vendor A so I have created a different PO template that does not include the cost.  The challenge is that I issue hundreds of purchase orders and it is a huge inefficiency to have to open every PO issued to vendor A, change the template, check "Email Later," and then send those forms to vendor B.  Being able to select the template at the time of printing or email groups of purchase orders was a huge benefit and one I think QB users would appreciate as well.  I would be open to any work around solutions there might be.


Thank you

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Chose purchase order template when printing or emailing

No, it's not possible. The template is attached to each transaction and considered part of the transaction.

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Chose purchase order template when printing or emailing

I have a possible work around but it costs $99 a year and is a product my company uses to import invoice transactions. It's called "SaaSant Transactions". You can upload batches of anything, like invoices, and select the template and select True or False for Email Later. You can also use it to update transactions already in QB but I've not had reason to test that function. It is worth checking out if you think it's worth it and they may have a free trial with some limits in place. We do 250+ invoices a month with it by just importing excel data. Hope that helps if you don't find another answer. I'm pretty positive you have to go into each PO to Change template and email later box.

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