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Cipherlab 8001 scanners will not connect

I have tried for 2 days with 2 different scanners to get them to connect so I can perform a physical inventory.
I've tried many different drivers, different com ports but still no luck?
I was able to get my metrologic to hook up but that scanner is bad shape.

Can anyone help me with any ideas as to why the cipherlab scanners will not connect?


After a few more hours if dinking with the scanners, I finally got them to work.

Swapped cables-didnt work

Switched com ports-didnt work.

Uninstalled drivers and re installed-disnt work

Went through all the setting and changed them all and changes them back to original- that worked!


Cipherlab 8001 scanners will not connect

Hi @zombie65 and thanks for joining community.


I'm happy to see you have found a solution to your problem and I'd like to offer you additional support in case you run into issues again, or just need something to reference.


Here's an article to use as a guide: Install compatible hardware drivers for Point of Sale


This article can be used for future use of hardware such as receipt printers, PIN pads, etc.


Come back if you have any other questions.





Level 2

Cipherlab 8001 scanners will not connect

Hi there, did you ever get your inventory scanner to connect? I am trying to install my Metrologic on a new computer to do inventory and have installed, uninstalled, downloaded drivers, reinstalled numerous times and cannot get the scanner to connect. Help! Thank you! April

Level 1

Cipherlab 8001 scanners will not connect

Have you tried a different USB port.
Sometimes it can be picky.  I miss using my Metrologic.  Not a fan of the cipherlabs.....

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