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coupons is not showing up in receipts

I have made a coupon in Price manager and it applies on all the items, And in Company preferences under discount i give all the receipts this coupon to use and print it in their receipts(Always Option), Unfortunately the coupons is not printed on the receipts.
I tried to check if there is option in the print designer but i could find this option.
I have tried for 3 hours without finding how to print this coupon on every receipts.
Please Help!

QuickBooks Team

Re: coupons is not showing up in receipts

Hi there, @islam_009.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and providing details about the steps you've tried. I can share some insights about adding coupons on receipts.


QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) allows you to create and add discount coupons on a customer sales receipt. However, the coupon feature doesn’t work when you have anything posted in the Unit of Measure field for the item being sold.


As a suggestion, you can verify the items on the receipt. 


Let me know if there's anything else you need or you have additional questions. Just leave a comment below. I'm still here to help you with QuickBooks POS.

Community Explorer **

Re: coupons is not showing up in receipts

Hey , 
Thanks for your support.
I disabled the unit of measure option from preferences however this didnt solve the problem
And i dont know how to verify the items on reciepts.
Is there is something i should do from the print designer (To place where this coupon should appear)

QuickBooks Team

Re: coupons is not showing up in receipts

Hi there, islam_009.

Thanks for letting us know the result of the resolution steps provided by my colleague. I want to ensure the coupons are printed on the receipt.

To get this option working, we’ll have to check the items on the receipts which can only be done by our Point of Sale Support Team. For this reason, I recommend you contact them.

One of our phone support specialist can perform a screen-sharing session with you, trace where the issue is coming from and provide a fix. The most up to date contact information can be found here: Which Payments product do you need help with?


This information should help you moving forward.

Stay in touch if you have questions about QuickBooks. Please know I’m just a comment away for help. Have a good one.


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