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When creating an Auto PO from the Inventory Stock Status Report, is there a way to force the system to take open Sales Orders into account?


For example, if I have the Reorder Point (Minimum) of a part set to 6, and I have 6 in my On Hand Inventory, the system will recommend I order Qty. 1 to bring the On Hand Quantity above the Reorder Point. However, if I also have an open Sales Order for Qty. 1, I would want the system to take that into account and recommend I order Qty. 2 (1 to account for the unit on the open Sales Order, and 1 more to bring the On Hand Quantity to above the Reorder Point). Is there a way to do this?


Let me know what aditional information I can provide.




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Create Auto PO Options

Hi and welcome to the Community, JLongBeam.


I have some insight to provide you regarding your concern about open sales orders.


Right now, taking the sales orders into account isn't available in QuickBooks Desktop. The system can only account to make the On Hand Quantity higher than the Reorder point amount.


For now, sales orders that affect the Reminders list are the one that needs to be print. You can view this by going to the Preferences window and choosing Reminders.


I value what's convenient and works best for your business, so I recommend sending feedback straight to our product developers. The updates we release depends on the suggestions we receive from the users.


I'm adding the steps below on how you send your feedback:


  1. Click the Help tab at the top menu bar.
  2. Select Send Feedback Online.
  3. Click Product Suggestion.

Please don't don't hesitate to reach me here for all of your QuickBooks needs. The Community is always around to for you.

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