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Create backup of program since Migrator Tool not available

I have QB Pro 2014.  I now have a new computer.  I searched and found that I should use the Migrator Tool, which should be available on older versions, but apparently is not available on mine. So, I would like to create a backup of my QB Pro 2014 program (not the company files, I already know how to do that) and do the reinstall manually since the Migrator Tool is not available.  This is apparently necessary if I want all my forms and other stuff??  It seems from what I've read that "everything" is not contained in my company files??  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Create backup of program since Migrator Tool not available

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on the Community page, @



Let me provide some insights about backing up your data in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


You aren't able to use the migrator tool since QBDT 2014 is no longer supported. On the other hand, when creating back up of your company file, all of the data/information on that file will surely be retained when restoring the file to the updated version of QuickBooks.


On the other hand, if you're referring to the filed forms/filing history, yes, they won't be carried over to the newly restored file. If you wish to, you locate the filed forms' location or the Tax Form History folder and copy it to the new file location.


  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and press F2 on your keyboard.
  2. Under the FILE INFORMATION section, copy the company file location and find it on your computer.
  3. From that location, there is a Tax Form History. (Ex. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Sample Company Files\QuickBooks 20xx\(Company Name) Tax Form History).
  4. Click the folder of the archived form that you need. Folder name will have 941, W2, etc. in the title.

I'm adding this article for additional reference about downloading and updating QBDT: Upgrade to a new QuickBooks Desktop version.


You can also visit our help articles and select the topic you need in case you have any other QuickBooks concerns in the future: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Stay posted if you have further questions about backing up QuickBooks data. I'm just here available to help!

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Re: Create backup of program since Migrator Tool not available

hi @MJordan99 ,

Should you have any access to your CAMPS, you don't need to secure any copy of installer file.


Another option, you may visit directly to Intuit site downloading it any time.


Hope it helps.

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Re: Create backup of program since Migrator Tool not available



If you got a new computer and it has win10 installed, it is doubtful that 2014 will even run if you can get it installed.  2015 was the first supported year for QB on win`10


As stated, 2014 is out of support, intuit will most likely not allow it to be registered if you do get it installed.  You got your money's worth, buy a new version

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