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Customer Emails

Hi, I use GoPayment card swiper at events. As of this year, I stopped getting copied on customer receipt emails for orders where the customer agreed to share their email. So, as a result, I can't use these emails for marketing purposes. Is this a new privacy feature of Inuit that I can no longer access? I have no idea how to gain access to these customer emails. I used to have access to them in the account.


Does anyone know if some rule changed that prevented merchants from accessing customer email addresses when they provide it?



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Customer Emails

Let's verify your settings to ensure you're able to send a copy to yourself, lucechiara1.


With this, you'll automatically receive a copy of all receipts you send to your customer. I'll walk you through the steps:

  1. In the menu bar, select Account then choose Mobile Payments.
  2. Click the Customize Receipt link,
  3. Make sure to click Send a copy to and enter your email address. 
  4. Click Save and Preview to confirm your entries.
  5. Click Done.

Now, try sending an email to check if you're able to receive a copy of your customer receipts.


Looking forward to answering more questions from you.

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Customer Emails

Hi, thank you very much for the reply. Based on your answer, it looks like I didn't adequately explain my issue. Sorry about that! Yes, I have always continuously been CC'd on receipts. In fact, I get 2 emails when a transaction completes:


Payment Notification - This just emails me a text-only note of the amount, last 4 digits of card and date. This is still working fine.


Receipt Confirmation - This is an HTML-based message from do_not_reply <[email address removed]> that is sent to me, but doesn't show the customer's email address. This last worked in October of 2018. Since then, I still get both emails like above, but the second one no longer includes the customer's email address (if they let me send them one at the point of sale) for me to then use in my marketing efforts. 


So, I have a full year orders, about 15% of which I send email receipts to, and I would have been able to use those emails in my email marketing program. Do you know what I mean? Is there any way to get those email addresses?


Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Customer Emails

Hello there, @lucechiara1.


There possible reasons why you can't receive any emails from Payments. It might be caused by any of the following:

  • The email was moved to your Junk or Spam folder.
  • You use a custom email domain (example: or an email client (Outlook, Exchange, AOL, Thunderbird, etc.).
  • Your internet service or domain provider blocks the QuickBooks Payments email address.

You can check your email folders. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open your email and check your Spam or Junk folder.
  2. If it’s there, move the email to your Inbox.

If the issue persists, I recommend contacting your IT person or domain provider to turn off Sender ID filtering.


For more reference, you can check this article: Unable to receive Intuit email.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions. Have a good day!

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Customer Emails

OK, first, thanks so much for helping me! I really appreciate it.


So, I switched my email to a gmail account and ran a test. I sent a receipt from a recent purchase to 2 separate email addresses of mine, using my gmail as the CC copy. In both cases, I got the Receipt Confirmation, both to the 2 test emails I used to be for the customer, and to my gmail account.


However, the same issue occurs. The Confirmation to my gmail account does NOT show the customer email on it. Thus, I cannot download it and use it for my marketing efforts. I'm attaching a screenshot just to show you what I mean about what used to be happening, in instances when I physically asked a customer at the point of sale if I could email them a receipt and they said yes and gave me their email.


You will see in the screenshot that I used to receive the confirmation receipt to my Outlook inbox, I assume, as a BCC. The TO field shows the customer's email address. So, this used to allow me to grab these emails to use in my marketing efforts. Now, the customer's email on these receipts is never retained so I cannot access them. It's a HUGE loss for my business because many of these people would be candidates to re-purchase from me. I have no doubt the customers are receiving the receipt, I am just not seeing their email address.


Thank you!


Customer Emails

Thanks for the details and the screenshot, lucechiara1.


We haven't received any report that has the same issue as yours. Your account needs to look at so we can verify as to why you’re unable to view your customer’s email address. For this to be done, you’ll have to contact one of our Merchant Support Agents. 

You can view their contact information through this page. Then, select QuickBooks Online Payments & Merchant Service Center: Merchant Service Support.


I'm just around the corner if you still need my help.

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