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data file changed from qbw to qbwa

Our data file changed from qbw to qbwa.

Why did it change ?

Is this a problem ?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: data file changed from qbw to qbwa

It's nice to see you here in the Community, @DanDK.


The reason the data file change from .qbw to .qbwa  is if  you convert your company file to an accountant copy.Additionaly, if want to convert it again to .qba to .qbw by (add the overview of the solution). Let me help you how


Here’s how you can change your accountant’s copy to a regular company file:


1. Open your accountant's coy (.QBA) and create a back up.

2. Go to File menu. Select Send Company File, and click Accountant's Copy.

3. Select Convert Accountant's Copy to Company File/QBW.

4. Choose OK to confirm you want to convert the file.

5. Open the folder you want to save the .QBW file in, and rename the file.

6. Select Save, then click OK.


Once you're done, you need to re-enter any changes you made to the original company file after creating the accountant's copy.


I've added these helpful article for your reference on converting file: Convert an Accountant's Copy to a Regular Company File.


Also, you may refer to this article to know the accountant's workflows: Use the Accountant's Copy.


Thanks for dropping in the Community! Please come back if you have other concerns or question. We're here to help.

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