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Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

This evening I upgraded from self employed to simple start but my data did not transfer. I reached out to support and they said the data transfer system has been disabled until further notice, and that I have to create a new self employed account to even access my old account.  This makes no sense… 
I asked if they could cancel my Simple Start upgrade and reinstate my Self Employed account, and they said no.  So I have no way to access my data from my old account or transfer it via their system. It’s December and the the end of the year. I have numerous manual transactions throughout the year so if I downloaded transactions from my bank, it doesn’t capture everything. I’m in tears. Please help 


It’s almost the end of the year and I’m in tears about this. 

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QuickBooks Team

Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

Hello handyman!


I understand that you need to access your data again especially this coming tax filing season. I'm here so I can assist you with switching from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online.


Aside from linking the bank, you have an option to manually add the transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed. You can use this feature to record those entries that won't be included if you connect your bank. Also, you can manually add older transactions.


If you downloaded your reports before you switch to QuickBooks Online, you can use it as a basis to manually record the transactions again.


Also, I still suggest getting in touch with our Support Team. QuickBooks Community is a public space and we don't have a tool to check what's causing this behavior. Only they have the tools needed to conduct an investigation.


I added this link for your reference in filing your taxes: QuickBooks Self-Employed annual tax guide.


Comment below if you have other concerns. Take care!


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Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

Does an accountant still have access to your self-employed account?


If it's the only option, I would go ahead and create that new self-employed account to access your data, just for the peace of mind to check that it's still there.  Then, very first task is to back up what you can, in any way that you can... export your reports and lists to a local drive to start, then export everything that you can to Excel and PDF, especially the reports that show all coding on those manual transactions.


Thanks for reporting that the data transfer system is disabled. 

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Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

Thank you for your response Kim. I will email my accountant this morning to see if she has access. Her info seems to be the only data that did transfer from self employed to simple start. Both support teams from quick books online and quick books self employed insist they do not have access to my data after the transfer, so if they don’t even have access then I doubt my accountant does, but I’ll try anything.  

Question.  If I create a new self employed account with the intention of accessing my old account’s data, I don’t understand exactly how I go about accessing the old account’s data.  Is there a code I put in? Do I use the same email? It seems as though if I open a new self employed account then I would be starting over from scratch 

thank you again 

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Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

Hi Alex, I actually can’t manually add anything into quick books self employed because that’s the account I no longer have access to after “upgrading” to quick books simple start.  
Support is saying my data is GONE. How does that happen? I’m very upset that I’m paying for a service that just erased 5 years of accounting data during an upgrade in which I was assured my data would transfer. This is ridiculous.
I would have been better off canceling my self employed account and starting over with simple start. That way I would at least have access to my self employed data and could export. 

Joesem M

Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

I appreciate you for taking some steps to get this issue sorted out. I'm here to provide some information to sort this out, @handyman.


Once you upgrade your subscription from QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) to QuickBooks Online(QBO), not all your data will not transfer to your new account since QBSE and QBO are two different product platforms. Please take note that you also can't go back to your QBSE account once you switch to QBO. 


Also, if you create a new QBSE account, you can't still access the file since all the data are gone. That said, I'd highly suggest contacting our QBSE Customer Support Team. They can open your account and help you retrieve, transfer your other data manually.


While you can't access your account you can utilize our test drive account so you'll have the option to contact them. Here's how you can reach them:


  1. Hit on Assistant at the top.
  2. Type in Talk to Human.
  3. Click on I still need a human when prompted with other help options.
  4. Choose your preferred way to speak with our representatives


To give you a reference so you'll be guided in QBO, you can visit this article for more information: 



Reach out to us if you need anything else about retrieving your data. We'll always be right here to address your need. Take good care, @handyman.

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Data transfer problem from self employed to simple start

Not having visibility into the code as to what key/id is used to identify each account, all I can do is guess... and my best guess would be that it's your email.  Support can confirm or say that I'm wrong!

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