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Deleted Memorized Transactions

I am wondering what I have to do to make a memorized transaction so that it is not enetered from a group. I deleted a memorized transaction from a group. I resorted the memorized transaction list. I closed QB completely and opened it back up. The transaction I deleted did not show in the memorized transactions list. When I told QB to enter the group of transactions after taking those steps, the transaction I had deleted and that didn't show in the list still got entered. I had to go into undepostied funds delete the transaction and then renumber all of the transactions after the one I deleted. I am in multi user mode and our bookkeeper was still logged in but how many hoops need to be jumped through just to make it so that a deleted transaction is fully deleted. I don't think I should have to ask each person using the software to log out just so that QB refreshes the database.

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Deleted Memorized Transactions

Hello, @bbibrett.


Let me help share some information about deleting memorized transactions in QuickBooks.


Normally, all transactions you've memorized and all transaction groups you've created should show on the memorized transaction list. From here, you should be able to delete the memorized transaction.


If you still have other created memorized transactions, can you please delete those? Once you're done, you'll need to recreate the transaction then select Memorize again. Let me route you to this article for additional information: Memorize transactions to save time.


Please let me know how it goes. I can provide further help if needed.


For related helpful articles you might want to check in the future, you can visit our QuickBooks site:


Should you have other questions about memorized transactions, please let me know. I'm always here to help. 

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