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Desktop logs out EVERY time now!

Is anyone else having problems with the latest update (March 18), which ironically says it FIXES a bug where you  are randomly logged out, to now literally logging me out every single time I close QB! Very frustrating.

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Re: Desktop logs out EVERY time now!

Hi there, ultranerds.

If you’re referring to the desktop app, let’s try to uninstall then reinstall the application to eliminate unusual behaviors.

In case you’ll need this, you can visit this site to search and download the app. For additional information about this process, please refer to this article:

However, if the issue continues after uninstalling the app, I’d recommend contacting our support team.  Here’s how:

1.    Open your QuickBooks Company file through the browser. 
2.    Click Help at the top. 
3.    Select Contact us. 

4.    Type in your concern under How can we help you?.

5.    Click Continue.

6.    Select Get a callback.

Please reach us again if you have other questions with QuickBooks. 

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Re: Desktop logs out EVERY time now!

I've uninstalled it, but now I can't find where to download from? I found a download page, but its for "QuickBooks Desktop PRO", and that is asking for for a license number which I don't have. I'm assuming its the wrong one?

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Re: Desktop logs out EVERY time now!

OK I found it. Its "Quickbooks desktop APP" , not "Quickbooks desktop"


Anyway, reinstalling it has had no effect. Every time I close it down, it wants me to log in again!  I'm sure I can't be the only one having this problem.


I'll contact support via the method you said

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