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Disappearing Customer addresses

I have two issues and if I can't resolve them I may have to look for another accounting package.


Customer addresses keep disappearing and have to be re-entered. I write a refund check and the next time I write a check to the same customer the address is no longer there.

The other issue is vendors checked to receive a 1099 have the checkmark disappear, even after reviewing the list and re-checking them.


Any ideas on how to stop these things from happening?

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Disappearing Customer addresses

Hi there, @Kely.


This isn't the kind of experience we want for you. Let me help sort this out so you can use QuickBooks and get back to business.


Let's start with your concern about the customer's address keeps disappearing. The information that shows in the customer's transactions, such as the address is based on the information that is setup in the customer's profile. If you only add the address in the check, that change reflects in your current transaction only. 


Let me show you how to enter the complete address of your customer:

  1. Select Customers from the top menu bar.
  2. Choose Customer Center.
  3. Double-click the name of the customer.
  4. Enter the complete address in the INVOICE/BILL TO and SHIP TO fields under the ADDRESS DETAILS section.
  5. Hit OK.

Meanwhile, aside from manually changing it in the vendor's profile, you can also update it when you go to the 1099 Wizard. Choices made in the Select your 1099 vendors page, can remove or add the checkmark in the Vendor eligible for 1099 box.


However, if the address is already in the customer's profile or you did not go through the 1099 Wizard, we'll do a few troubleshooting steps to get past this unexpected behavior.


To begin, update your QuickBooks to the latest release and back up your company file to avoid data loss. After that, let's run the Verify/Rebuild Utility to fix possible corruption issues within the company file.


Here's how to run the rebuild utility

  1. From the File menu, click on Utilities.
  2. Select Rebuild Data.

To run the verify utility:

  1. From the File menu, click on Utilities.
  2. Select Verify Data.

I've also attached a link about how to prepare and file 1099s in QuickBooks Desktop, set up online invoicing, as well as some guidelines in preparation for the year-end. 

Please don't hesitate to visit us back if you need additional assistance in doing your task with QuickBooks.

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