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Dishonesty at Quickbooks

I'm looking at different companies as I am realizing your lack of honesty as a company.
I was told with probably thousands of others that we were grandfathered in and didn't have anything to worry about when it came to  having to upgrade our subscriptions. I actually recorded 2 agents that told me the same thing.
Today, I find out that your company is planning on cancelling clients that had your services prior to your price change.
This is dishonesty and shady. Over the years, I have noticed Quick books go from a great company to one that doesn't mind leaving you on hold for over an hour, lying to keep you as a client and over promising. Its very disappointing and cant believe your upper management thinks this is a good idea.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Dishonesty at Quickbooks

Hi @arielw24,


I know how important to get a trust to someone when it comes to critical information, like your subscription. I understand your side about this and I'd like to clarify things out on how you can keep your grandfathered subscription.


If your billing code is under a grandfathered subscription, the price will not change since it'll still follow the old pricing amount. If you wish to keep your grandfathered subscription, I suggest not to upgrade your QuickBooks. This way, the subscription price will not change.


Upgrading your QuickBooks will follow the new pricing update of subscription. Also, this could happen if our product engineers will migrate the price increase to the old subscription price. But our product engineers are not working on it.


To verify if your account is under grandfathered subscription, you can go to the Account and Settings. From there, you can verify the subscription price by comparing the price with the new price update. If your subscription price is lower than the new price update, it means that you're still under a grandfathered account.


Here's how to verify:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. Go to the Billing & Subscription tab.
  4. From there, verify your subscription details.

To know more about the pricing update, feel free to read this article for your reference: QuickBooks Online Enhanced Payroll and QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll Pricing Update.


In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBO Self-help
Feel free to visit us again if you have any other questions with QuickBooks. We're always here to help.

Community Explorer **

Re: Dishonesty at Quickbooks

I was told from the minute quickbooks rolled out more expensive plans that customers that had been previously enrolled in their current "no limit" plan would be simply not able to add any more locations, but still be able to keep current rate and use the platform.


Now, my CPA got a different letter stating the total opposite, and a new pop up message now says we will be cancelled in October.

This is such back stabbing shady business tactics, even your phone support techs feel the same way.

Now I appreciate your reply,  but to suggest I follow your instructions to go to my settings and see if im going to be grandfathered or not is ridiculous.

No company is going to trust you guys moving forward.

Community Explorer **

Re: Dishonesty at Quickbooks

Also the link you provided to see new plans is all about online payroll service, which has nothing to do with what I am talking about as I don't use you guys for payroll.

I have Quick books online and the issue is not with payroll services.

Your link has nothing to do with my issues.


Re: Dishonesty at Quickbooks

Hi there, @arielw24.


I don't want you to feel misled. We recognize that a price change like this can be difficult for business owners and, like us, you have to evaluate the value of each product and services you pay for your business.


Here at Intuit, we certainly did not take this decision lightly and recognize the impact it has on our customers. We believe that, in order to maintain the level of quality as well as the support of our products, this change was necessary.


With this, I'm adding an article you can read to learn more about the new updates and price increase for your product: FAQ - QuickBooks Online Price Increase for July 2019.


I know that you already called our phone support, but I'm unable to access your account information in Community. To check your account about status, one of our QuickBooks Online Support members would be glad to answer them for you. They have the necessary tools to look into your account and see what options are available.


Additionally, if you'd like to review new features, you can find them in the QuickBooks Blog.


Thank you for being a member of the QuickBooks family. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Community Explorer **

Re: Dishonesty at Quickbooks

I have been mislead and your company.

there is 0 confusion here.

You guys know very well what information was given to clients.

we don’t have to complicate things.

the fact is simple to understand.

your company said one thing and totally is doing something else.

its not about a price increase. It’s about saying something and doing something else.

there is no way to back track or divert.

we were told we would be grandfathered in and has nothing to worry about.

This is clearly a lie.


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