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Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 4

Drop down list does not show account number entering receipt

While entering my receipt from within the Banking routine, as I type in the Bank Account using the chart of account number, it does not show up in the drop down list.  However, typing in the chart of account description the account does appear in the drop down list.  Is there a valid reason this does not use account numbers?  I always use account numbers and try to train all my clients to not rely on descriptions as this could be very dangerous (for many reasons).


Drop down list does not show account number entering receipt

It's great to have you here, @Budget Friendly Bookkeeping,


Finding your bank register using account numbers is truly a time-saving feature when added in the program. At the moment, the Receipts feature requires description entries when adding details to the transaction.


I'll personally forward this report to our developers who rolls out time efficient enhancements into the program.


To know more about the Receipts feature, check out these links:


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If you have other questions or need assistance with anything else in QuickBooks, please update me by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be more than happy to help. Have a wonderful week!

Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 4

Drop down list does not show account number entering receipt

I do thank you for your reply and help with passing this along.  However, being with Quicken since the mid 80's and quickly moving to QBD upon the initial release, although there were issues, many of them were technical in nature and not of a Quality Control nature.  


When you forward this to your team, will you please ask them to simply check the verbiage of what they are asking us to enter? I do not consider this to be an "enhancement".  When it states Bank/Credit Account, to any bookkeeper, even an entry level bookkeeper would take that to mean a number, not a description.  If they wanted us to enter a narrative, then please tell them to be specific. Do they realize how much time this takes away from out productivity???  Does anyone check the programmers' work??


Sorry - I feel I'm picking on just so many little things that are causing untold loss of productive hours and how long has QBO been out in the world?  C'mon guys - let's get back to the roots of what QB was all about - QUICK and EFFICIENT.  If I wanted an accounting bulky system, I'd go back to Champion or Great Plains and all those multi thousand dollar hair pulling programs.


Just my 2 cents...


Drop down list does not show account number entering receipt

Thanks reaching back, Budget Friendly Bookkeeping.


I appreciate your for sharing your thoughts on how we can improve the search feature when finding your bank register.


Together with my colleague @Jen_D, I'll be sure to pass through this suggestion to our developers so they can consider this option on our future product updates. They can also view this thread to get more information about the said option.


We are committed in delivering customer satisfaction by making sure we improve our quality of service.


For now, I encourage you to visit our QuickBooks Blog. From there, we share recent happenings and future developments of QBO.


You can always visit the Community page if you have questions. I'd be glad to help you all the way.

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