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Email addresses being overwritten

Hi all,

I use QB19 and I just sent off a bunch of invoices for a client.  At first I couldn't send them off so I had to go through the steps to give QBs access to my google account which I've done before without a problem and then I sent off the invoices.  BUT this time I just experienced some weird drama - google actually overwrote my existing email addresses that I had in QBs with older email addresses from my google account.   So my QB file had the professional email address of  joe@XYZcompany ... and google overwrote that email with his personal email hairyjoe@ .... that he used 5 years ago to originally reach out to me.  It did this to almost 20% of my email addresses.   Is this a glitch or is there an extra step I should have done with the security?   I don't want to have this happen again.  

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QuickBooks Team

Email addresses being overwritten

Let's get this sorted out, Mcwoodsum.


QuickBooks will recognize the default email set up in the program. I suggest reaching out to Google support and check if there are settings that you can change. 


In the meantime, you may want to change the webmail. It will also help us isolate this issue. If it's happening for google accounts only, or other mail providers too.


You can get back to this thread if you need more of our help. We're available 24/7.

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