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Kathy F
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emailing backup with invoice over 2 mb

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emailing backup with invoice over 2 mb

Hello there, Kathy F.


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I'm here to assist you with any concern you may have with invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.


For me to provide you with accurate information, I need additional clarification about what you're referring to in the program. Are you emailing a backup file that contains invoices? If so, are you receiving any error while performing the process?


Any additional information or screenshots you can provide will help to ensure a timely solution.


emailing backup with invoice over 2 mb

Hi again, Kathy F.


I haven't heard back from you since the last time I posted a response. I want to make sure you're able to figure out any questions you may have concerning your invoices.


If ever you need further assistance, please know I'm always available in this public forum. You can reach out to me by posting a response below.

Level 1

emailing backup with invoice over 2 mb

I need to email a backup of the company to mt accountant

QuickBooks Team

emailing backup with invoice over 2 mb

There are two options to send a backup file to your accountant, anzley.


The first option is to create a QuickBooks portable company (.qbm) file. It's a condensed copy of your company data that you can send by email. Here's how to create a portable copy.


  1. Go to File menu and choose Create copy.
  2. Select Portable company file. Then, Next.
  3. Choose a location/folder where you want to save the file.
  4. Click Save and OK.

Once done, you can attach the file and send it via email or any media like a flash drive. Another option is to send it through QuickBooks using the Accountant's Copy File Transfer (ACFT) service. Though, this is applicable if your accountant is using QuickBooks Desktop for Accountants. You'll need to remove the accountant's copy restriction first before you can perform this process.


Here's how to create an Accountant's copy:

  1. Go to File menu and select Send Company File.
  2. Choose the Accountant's Copy. Then, Client Activities.
  3. Select Send to Accountant. Then, Next.
  4. Enter the dividing date. Then, Next.
  5. Enter your accountant' email address, your name, and your email address.
  6. For security, you'll need to create and reenter a file transfer password.
  7. Click Send.

The Community is always here to help you if you have other concerns.

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