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Employee Record Problem

Running QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 and I have two employee records that when I click on them QuickBooks grinds to a halt for several minutes. There's nothing special about these records, no attachments, just a few dozen check transactions, nothing that sets them apart from all the others. These two employee records just seem to be corrupted.


I've rebuilt data, ran file doctor, reinstalled QuickBooks, every thing I can think to do. This same issue occurs whether opening locally or in a network environment, and on any computer I try to use QuickBooks on. It seems to be a company file problem and I can't figure out how to resolve this.


Any suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Employee Record Problem

The steps that you've  tried are some of the troubleshooting that we usually recommend if there are performance issues, TommyBCyp.


Aside from rebuilding data and reinstalling QuickBooks, we have additional steps that can resolve QuickBooks issues like this. Please see these support articles for more insights:


Just in case there aren't any changes at all, please contact our Technical Support Team. They will be asking for a file log for them to check what's causing the issue.


Here's how to reach out to them:


  1. Click the Help menu and select QuickBooks Help.
  2. Click Contact Us in the bottom section of the page.
  3. Provide a short description of your concern and click Continue.
  4. Click Start messaging or Get a callback

I'll get back here to help if you have follow-up questions.