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Entering Gift Sets in QB Prem.

I am using QB 2020 Prem with latest update.

I want to create some gift sets that have inventory assemblies. Some of them are taxable others are not.

Ideally the top assembly is the gift set which has the set price. If possible I would like the items within the gift set added to the sales receipt automatically. But I don't think this is possible or I have not found yet how to do it.

The next problem is that I have taxable and non taxable items in the set, but on the set item I can only choose tax or non.

I tried group items, which would list the items in the group, but I can't enter the set price as it is calculated. So this is not an option.

Of course I could use a non-inventory item as my set item and enter all items in the set manually, but I would have to delete the individual items prices and then I have the tax problem.

How are others handling gift sets?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Entering Gift Sets in QB Prem.

I appreciate you for going into further detail on what you're trying to accomplish, gerdgoebel.


Using the Memorized transaction feature in QuickBooks Desktop is the best way to handle gift sets. This automatically enters the transactions you tagged as memorized.

Also, you'll want to enter each item in the Sales Receipt to make sure taxes are correct for each of them.


To do that:

  1. Go to Customers.
  2. Select Enter Sales Receipts.
  3. Enter the necessary information (Customer:Job, Items, Amount and more).
  4. Click the Memorize option under Create a Copy.
  5. Hit Save & Close.


Learn more about managing memorized transactions in QuickBooks Desktop through this article: Create, edit, or delete memorized transactions.


To review your memorized transactions at any time, you can go to the Lists menu and select Memorized Transaction List.


If you have other concerns, you're always welcome to post in the Community.

Level 4

Entering Gift Sets in QB Prem.

Memorizing transaction can be helpful, but would be nice if there could be "memorize transaction items" options added to QBD.

Take this as a suggestion.

QuickBooks Team

Entering Gift Sets in QB Prem.

Thanks for the suggestion, @gerdgoebel.


We'll take note of your feedback so we can use this to improve your experience with QuickBooks and align the program's functions with your business needs.


If you need more help regarding other tasks in QuickBooks Online, you can check our articles here. Just make sure that the topic is set as "QuickBooks Online."


Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you have other questions. I'm always happy to help. Take care!

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