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Enterprise Reminders to Print

I am hoping to get some miracle solution to a rather frustrating problem we are having.....


For the last ten years or so, the "print later" box has been checked by default on almost all invoices we have created since 2011. I believe this is a remnant of our Salespad ERP program we ran in front of QB for the last number of years- we only used QB pro for in house accounting, not point of sale transactions. 


We are now using Enterprise in the front office for creating sales documents and want to use our print later reminder, but there are currently 21,900 invoices queued in the waiting to be printed reminder field. There does not seem to be any way to simply remove these notifications.


I have opened each doc and unchecked the box "print later", saved the doc, and that removes it. The only problem is that each time I do that takes about 20 seconds-  This would take me upwards of 122 hours to do all of the transactions on the list.


I am aware of the print forms, send forms etc... tabs on the file tab. Selecting send forms allows one to select all docs to "email later" and remove the selected without actually sending them. Why is this not an option on the "print later" forms????


I have gone to print forms, select all, and send to a paperless printer. This works for about 3,000 docs, but then the whole ship crashes, and it does not remove any of the  "printed" docs.


I have sent the selected docs to a pdf printer- same result.


I can select a small number of the docs to print, send to the printer and remove them, but the problem with that is it takes 20 minutes to generate the list, 20 minutes to select the 500 docs to print, and 5 minutes to then "print" them.  This will take me most of a full week to finish (quickbooks is obviously not functional in any other way while doing this)


I am quite aware of the housekeeping problem I have, and I am aware that this should not have been allowed to happen. Again, it was an issue created by another program we were using in front of QB, and because reminders were never used, it never came to light that the queue was building. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Quickbooks support has been helpful only to the point of directing me to print them off.





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Enterprise Reminders to Print

Following. Need the same answer. I have 17K invoices to print and it crashes and never removes any of the invoices unless doing 1 by 1 for months that are not locked.

QuickBooks Team

Enterprise Reminders to Print

Great day and welcome to the Community, @Aaron29 and @JP1711.


I can feel the inconvenience of having issues while printing thousands of documents. I've got you some information and troubleshooting steps to share with you. 


Most of the time, an unexpected behavior such as this can be caused by any files or processes running in the background.


To end those processes, let's close QuickBooks first and run the Refresher tool. Then, follow these steps below to perform a mini repair on your software:


  1. Download the QB Refresher tool.
  2. Save the file on your desktop.
  3. Run the QBRefresher tool and re-open QuickBooks Desktop. 


If the issue continues, follow the steps in Solution 2 outlined in this article: Solutions for when QuickBooks stops working. It helps you resolve the freezing and crashing issues. 


I'm also adding a great article that helps you resolve PDF and print problems. Check out this link: Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop. It contains a complete guide in running the PDF Repair Tool. 


I'd be happy to know how it goes for both of you. I'd be delighted to help if you need further assistance. Have a nice weekend. 

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