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Annette Christensen
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error 213

I get the error message 213 when backing up.  It finds a customer message--duplicated with once it is in caps and the other upper and lower case.   It says to rebuild but doesn't fix this issue--keeps giving me the same message.


How do I fix it?  I inactivated one of the messages so it doesn't show on the list and that didn't fix the problem.


If it is just a customer message, why would I have to change it anyway?  It will drive me nuts if I have to go through a rebuild in order to back up my data especially when it doesn't change.



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error 213

It might be attached to a transaction that's damaged or corrupted, Annette.


You will need to delete it since the rebuild didn't resolve the error. 


Once deleted, rebuild your file once again before recreating the transaction. If you're still getting the error, please contact our Technical Support Team. They will help you read and review the log files, as well as making sure that you can create a back up. Here's how:


  1. Open this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop, then select the version that you're using.
  3. Click Solving Issues and Error Messages.
  4. Click Common Errors, then click Get Phone Number.


Please add a reply below if you need more help. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


Level 1

error 213

I am getting error 213. Also why always rebuilding?


Level 11

error 213


If it is always prompted to rebuild your file every time you run a backup process, the rebuild process was not enough to repair your file. Don't wait until too late.You should chat Support and ask them to fix it immediately. Otherwise, you can ask a third party service provider for a second opinion.

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