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Error Importing Inventory Items

I have been trying to import inventory items from excel for a full day now, and I keep getting any number of error messages.  I saw a similar inquiry last month and tried those fixes, but still having problems and I really need this fixed ASAP.  I get one of two errors every time I try to import (and I am now on my 8th time trying).  I either get an error message about the U/M being incorrect (I am in single U/M mode and mapping was created using Multiple U/Mode), or I manage to get past that error, and then get an error log after import that all of my items had an error and were not imported (last time the errors all had to do with the Asset field, which I fixed in my mapping, only to then get the dreaded U/M error message when I tried to re-do it). 


I  have changed the U/M back and forth, I have deleted and recreated all the Mappings, I have saved and rebuilt the excel file I am importing from.  I have done the sample import and verified my settings.  No luck.  It shouldn't be this hard to do a very basic business function so that I can create sales orders and invoices to get paid!  PLEASE PLEASE help me with this. TIA.



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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Error Importing Inventory Items

Did you try using the importer tool. U/M is not a mandatory field


The template should be like this

Asset AccountCostPreferred VendorPrice or %Reorder PointManuf Part NumberUnit of MeasureMax
Inventory Asset10ABC Vendor151012345 30
 8DEF Vendor9    
 7GHI Vendor8    


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