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Export - Import Data from One QBO File to Another QBO File



I've read all the various articles on exporting from QB to QBO, etc., but can find no specific details when exporting from one QBO File to another QBO File.


My question(s)  surround whether or not any of the columns of data will need to be repositioned prior to the export as described within Help Article #186377 "Move your list to QBO" in order to achieve a successful import.


After reading and understanding that there are differences between (say) QB Desktop and QBO and so there would be a necessity to reorder the columns generated from a report initiated in QB Desktop prior to importing into QBO,


reasoning tells me that no repositioning of any columns should be necessary when exporting from one QBO file prior to exporting into another QBO file.


Question - is this a correct concept / logical train of thought?


Question - when exporting from one QBO file in preparation for importing into another QBO file, is one method for accessing the data better to use than another? 


In other words, should I export beginning with Reports and then the specific list or just go to Lists using the Cog and export directly from that view?


All the various Help Articles / Instructions  I've read seems to limit the export / import process to the use of Excel or CSV files.


Question - can Google Sheets be used successfully when exporting / importing from one QBO file to another QBO file?


Thank you in advance for any assistance with these questions.









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Export - Import Data from One QBO File to Another QBO File

You may utilize a migration tool



Should you need to duplicate your data to a new blank QBO account, you may purchase a 3rd party service.

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