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Exporting from free online trial to paid online version.

I am trying to export my information from a free online trial to a paid online version. When the trial was over I was only offered one version and it was $70 a month and not at all what I needed. So I purchased a less expensive version and am not sure how I transfer information over. The trial expired and I would really like to not have to pay $70 a month when it's not needed.

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Ashley H
QuickBooks Team

Exporting from free online trial to paid online version.

Welcome to the Community, @tracielacorte.


At this time, there's not a way to entirely transfer your data between two QuickBooks Online accounts. No worries, I'm going to help you transfer your data. There are two ways we can approach this. You can either manually bring over the data into the new account or you can transfer your QuickBooks Online file to a free trial of QuickBooks Desktop then importing the data back to QuickBooks Online. Rest assured, you'll have your new account ready to go in no time. 


If you don't have much information to transfer, then you can manually move your data to the new account. I've provided the steps below on how to do this with ease.


To export the data:

  1. On your QuickBooks account, go to the Gear icon.
  2. Select which data you'd like to export.
  3. Click on the Export to Excel button.

To import the data:

  1. Log in to the new account, then click on the Gear icon at the upper right.
  2. Under Tools, choose Import Data.
  3. Select the type of data that you'd like to import.
  4. Click Browse to select a file to be imported.
  5. Click on the Next button until finished.

Here's the other option of transferring your data by exporting to QuickBooks Desktop then back to QuickBooks Online:

  1. Download the free trial of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. You can review this Community Article on how to move the data from Online to Desktop: QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Once your data is moved to the Desktop version, you now can move it to the new Online version: QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

This should do the trick for you! Doesn't matter which path you take, you'll end up with the same result of your new account being ready to go.


If you hit a bump in the road or have additional questions, please don't hesitate and leave me a Reply. Have a beautiful day.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Exporting from free online trial to paid online version.

Utilize the trial period of 3rd party migration tool. Make sure you have clicked the Buy button and open a new QBO account with discounted price for up to 6 months.
Level 1

Exporting from free online trial to paid online version.

Is it possible to just call and keep this account but have different payment option? If I can keep this account I would like to, I would just prefer a smaller monthly payment and don't need all the services this account offers.


Exporting from free online trial to paid online version.

Thanks for getting back in the thread, @tracielacorte.


I've got some information I'm sure you'll find helpful regarding plans offered in QuickBooks Online.


You have the option to keep your account and opt for a downgrade instead. Before doing so, be sure to review the features you'll need to meet your business needs. You can see more information here: Downgrade your QuickBooks Online plan.


Once you're ready, you can perform the downgrade steps below:


  1. Sign in as an admin on your QuickBooks account.
  2. Go to the Gear Icon and select Account and Settings.
  3. Click the Billing & Subscription tab and be sure your payment info is up to date and valid.
  4. Select Downgrade your plan. You can check our product site to learn more about the different plan features.
  5. Tap Choose Plan and review what goes away with the new plan.
  6. Select Continue or Submit. You may encounter downgrade stoppers during the process, just follow the steps in "Take care of possible downgrade issues" section then go back to this process when you're done.
  7. Review your billing details and select Change plan to complete the process. 
  8. Sign out of QuickBooks Online.


If you need to change your payment information or view your payment history, you can check this helpful guide: Update your billing and subscription info in QuickBooks Online.


I'm always up and ready to help if you need anything else. Just tap the Reply button below for any follow-ups. Take care and have a great day!

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