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got a fancy email from the CEO - yay (i feel so heard).

tried to reply to email. couldn't of course. Here is my question:

Is overpriced Quickbooks reducing the fees during this crisis???

If they "hear us", then they know business is way down. 

If they don't respond - I am out and do my books offline again. 

Cheaper for sure!


QuickBooks Team


Good evening, frank40. 


Thanks for posting your question here. 


For security purposes, I recommend reaching out to a member of the Support Team. Agents have specialized tools to access your account details and work with you to explore options to help you. 


Here's how to get in touch with a live agent: 

  1. Choose the Help option in the right-hand corner. 
  2. Select Contact Us
  3. Enter the description of the issue for a callback or message.
  4. Click Let's talk, and then go to Get a callback
  5. Type your contact information and pick Submit

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to comment below. Have a safe and productive weekend ahead!

Community Champion


I have yet to see any reprieve from Intuit yet on fees - but that is today and things are changing rapidly. As a suggestion, if it fits your circumstance, cancel QBO for now, keep track of everything in excel and when you are back on your feet (no longer than a year) resubscribe to your same company and catch up entering data. You also have the choice of downgrading any subscription except Simple Start or QBSE

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