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Formatting Sales Orders

I know you can widen the columns on a sales order but can you widen them and it print this way or preview?


Formatting Sales Orders

Thanks for posting a question here in the Community, @foxyoung


Yes, you can widen the column for your sales order and print it the way it looks in the preview. You'll have to customize your sales order to do this. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Customers menu then select Customer Center.
  2. Choose a specific customer under the Customers and Jobs tab.
  3. Open the sales order associated with it.
  4. Click Customize Data Layout under the Formatting tab.
  5. Choose Layout Designer and drag the arrow to adjust the size of each column. You can also click on Margin if you wish to adjust it.
  6. Hit OK once done.
  7. Click on Print Preview to see how your sales order looks like. You can also Zoom In and Zoom Out if you want to.
  8. If everything looks good, you can now choose the Print option.

Refer to the screenshots below for visual guide:

a4.PNG a5.PNG a6.PNG a7.PNG a8.PNG a10.PNG

a9.PNG a10.PNG

I've included an article to know more about how to manage form templates: Use and Customize form templates in QuickBooks Desktop.

You may also read this awesome help article in case you have other QuickBooks concerns, such as managing your employees and payroll taxes, running reports, managing inventories, setting up payments, etc to keep your business running smoothly.


Fill me in if you need any help. I'll be here to help you achieve your goals. Take care and have a great day!

Level 1

Formatting Sales Orders

Thank you for this detailed answer.  It still does not save the changes and let you view and print with wider columns.  I can change the column width in a packing list and purchase order but not a sales order.

Ashley H
QuickBooks Team

Formatting Sales Orders

Hello there, @foxyoung.


If you open a Sales Order, then press on the Formatting tab at the top of the transaction and press on the Customize Data Layout button, then it will open a window to allow you to click on Layout Designer to change the width of the colomns. After trying to print or preview the format and it doesn't save, then let's do some troubleshooting to your program. No worries, I'm going to walk you through this process.


Let's begin with a Verify and Rebuild to your data:


Verify the Data:

  1. Go to Window in the top menu, then select Close All.
  2. Click on File in the top menu, then choose Utilities then Verify Data.

Rebuild the Data:

  1. Go to File in the top menu, then select Utilities then Rebuild Data.
  2. You'll receive a warning message to backup your company file, press OK.
  3. The Rebuild Data utility will start as soon as the backup is finished.
  4. Hit OK when you get the message "Rebuild has completed."

Check the Remaining Data:

  1. Go to File in the top menu, then select Utilities then Verify Data.

Here's a Community Article that provides more information about this process: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


Once completed, try formatting the Sales Order once again and do a print/preview.


I'm here if you need further assistance! Have a good day.

Level 1

Formatting Sales Orders

I did the rebuild and verify and adjusted columns again.  It shows changed but when you do a print preview it does not change.

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Formatting Sales Orders

Good Evening, @foxyoung


Let's sort this out. Since you've already tried all of the troubleshooting steps above that my colleagues have provided, I recommend creating a new sales order template. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Lists menu. 
  2. Pick Templates
  3. Click the drop-down arrow beside of Templates
  4. Choose New
  5. Select Sales Order and then OK.


Now you're able to have the sales order formatted correctly. It's that easy. If you have any trouble along the way, please let me know. 


I want to make sure that you're able to get back to running your business. 

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