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Frequency of memorized transactions

How can I create a memorized transaction that will deduct only on business days, not weekends?  I don't want to have to enter it everyday manually, but if I have to I can.  I also, don't want to create a daily transaction for each day of the week.  If there was a way to create a pay frequency for this, that would be great.



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QuickBooks Team

Re: Frequency of memorized transactions

Hi there, @RP3856!


You have the option to enter your own frequency when creating your memorized transaction. I'll be happy to help you accomplish this.

  1. Open and create a transaction that you want to memorize.
  2. Select Edit and then choose Memorize your transaction.
  3. Enter a name for your new memorized transaction.
  4. Select Automate Transaction Entry.
  5. Under the How Often option, select Weekly.
  6. Enter the date where you want QuickBooks to create your transaction automatically in the Next Date field.
  7. From the Number Remaining, enter a digit which will be the number of your created transaction.
  8. Under Days In Advance to Enter, enter a digit which will be the number of advance days that QuickBooks will create your transaction.
  9. Click OK and then click Save & Close.

In addition, here's an article you can read to learn more about creating your memorized transaction: Create, Edit, or Delete Memorized Transactions.


As always, you can visit our Help Articles page for QuickBooks Desktop if in case you need to learn some "How do I" steps.


You can always leave a comment below or start a new thread if you have any other questions. I'll be sure to get back to you. Have a good one!

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