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Hard Drive Failure

Hi all,

My Hard rive failed and I have an old backup from a month ago.  I am sending the hard drive out to get data recovered.  What file(s) should I tell them I need to get?  Desktop Pro 2017 is my version.  And yes, I know I need to do better at backups.



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Re: Hard Drive Failure

As recent as 2017? You do not need to wait for anything. Download a fresh install from your intuit account at then restore your most recent backup. 


But unless you added all kinds of attachments all you might need is your *qbw file. If the drive failed while you were using QB you may have data damage and should rebuild and verify anything recovered

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Re: Hard Drive Failure

hi @JBear ,

I agreed to @john-pero.


You could try reinstalling your QuickBooks 2017 on new computer and restoring your QBB file(s). Meanwhile, you could ask your vendor to secure any file of QBW from the damaged hard drive.