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HELP customizing Report: WIP report -- how to add Job Cost option?

I am trying to customize a report that is labeled "WIP listed sorted by Job Number" (example attached)  and it has everything I need EXCEPT It does not give me the option to add JOB COST to this report.


I found a Job Profitability Summary Report - which is basically what I'm looking for to give me the Job Cost info I need.


Help ??   How can I somehow get both of these reports in 1 report ??


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QuickBooks Team

Re: HELP customizing Report: WIP report -- how to add Job Cost option?

It’s nice to see you here in the Community, @BeckyA.

I’m here to share some information about combining the Job Work in Progress (WIP) and Job Profitability Summary to one report.

At this time, combining the two is unavailable since they have a different concept of sources and targets. You can instead export them to Excel and edit the data from there.

Follow the steps below to easily export reports from QuickBooks to your locally installed Microsoft Excel. 

  1. Run the appropriate report.
  2. Choose Excel and select to Create New Worksheet or Update Existing Worksheet. (Screenshots Attached)
  3. If you want to format the Excel report, click Advanced, then OK when you’re done.
  4. Click Export to open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel once the system finishes the export process.



For more information, please check out this article: Export report from QuickBooks Desktop to Microsoft Excel

If you wish to customize the reports first, visit this article for reference: Customize customer, job, and sales reports.

That should get you on the right track. 

Leave a comment below if you need anything else, I’m always here to help. Have a good one!