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How do I create Auto Purchase order from inventory stock status?

I am trying to create Auto Purchase orders for my inventory items.

Once I go to

Reports>Inventory>Stock Status by Vendor>Create Auto PO's.

     I have been doing it this way for years but now when I select the items to order and hit the create PO's button it just spins once and nothing. Has anyone else had this happen to them it will no longer order products automatically.

     I called customer support and they just told me they don't know I will have to just live with it. Like I said it was working fine the only thing that has changed since is a QuickBooks update. Any ideas how to fix this?

Just FYI I have already run the Verify and then Rebuild Data functions and still nothing. 

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QuickBooks Team

How do I create Auto Purchase order from inventory stock status?

Hello there, @armylife94.


I'd be glad to help create purchase orders on your inventory automatically. We haven't received reported issues about creating purchase orders. To single out the cause of this unexpected behavior, you may need to repair QuickBooks. This helps fix program-related issues or errors.


For the detailed steps, you may check this article: Repair QuickBooks Desktop.


If the same thing happens, you may need to do the clean installation.


Stay in touch if you have any other concerns by adding a comment below. Have a good day!

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